Walter, how good is this cop story???


Walter is a cop story which is claimed to be a crime thriller. The protagonist “Sibi sathyaraj” play as a IPS officer “Walter” who is encountering vanshing of infants and found within a day or two, abandoned nearby the hospitals and after couple of days the infants are dead. The story relies on solving the mystery.

The way the character of Walter potrayed questions his Investigation capabilities, at the beginning of the movie he has to kill Samuthrakani who played a character “Bala” who is next in line for the powerful MLA in the Kumbakonam district. He just carried out the assassination without any proper questioning why this Encounter was passed, he just follows orders.

Even in the Infants vanishing case he won’t be suspicious until his girlfriend “Shirin Kanchwala” said him this wouldn’t have continued if he had properly investigated when the first child went missing. These things really degrades the “walter” character’s strength, we were like come on he is an IPS officer.

This shows the lack of creativity from the director, Tamil cinema and it’s audience has evolved a lot, still grinding the same story’s like kidnapping or attempting assualt on the protagonist and his family to show his emotional Imbalance is way out of fashion. Connecting the dots were so insane there was a bit of rush with the movie missing a lot of key details in the movie ruined the film to it’s part.

The love scenes could have been worked out a bit the heroine was okay, the Hero with that hairstyle and mustache it reminded bit of our favourite powerstar Srinivasan though it was covered with his aggression face, sometimes we couldn’t help noticing it. There wasn’t any humour in the movie.

If all those above mentioned aspects were properly worked out with that story this movie could have reached a great heights, the story wasn’t potrayed as it should be lack of details was the major messup the directior Anbarasan should make a clear study in the key characters nature and execute it properly when these character demands a huge intellectual power and body language reveals a lot about a character that was compromised with the anti hero and the hero could be bit relaxed where he always have awkward facial expression it seems he tried too much for that expression.

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