Vikings Season 1 -Series Review


Vikings is created by Michael Hirst for History channel, The franchise is now Streamed by Netflix. This series is a tale of famous Norse Hero Ragnar Lothbrok, Who explored various landmass.

Ragnar Lothbrok a curious Viking who wants to explore the west leads a group of men towards the west for a raid against his earl’s denial and fulfilled his quest and gets in trouble back home overcoming it and forms alliance with his King and plans further raids towards the west.

As far as we know Vikings has been portrayed as barbaric but these series explore more about their lifestyle and beliefs. Battle scenes were more real and fun to watch the curiosity of the man and his ambitions for his people makes this character more attractive and more interesting.

Ragnar always finds a way to achieve his mission and overcome all his trouble and fulfill his purpose. A man with strong desires and strong will.

If you love epic stories you are gonna love this one. The Character Ragnar a Lothbrok and their culture is a big part of this series and you will enjoy every bit of it. You can watch this on Netflix.

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