The TWO POPES – Netflix movie Review


The Two popes is one of the beautifully made movies which streams in Netflix. Which is based on true incidents occurred.

In this movie, Jonathan Pryce plays as pope Francis who wants to retire from his positions and become a simple priest, and the current pope Benedict refuses to let him renounce.

The movie is full of conversation between these two people which ends up in a huge debate, they both have very different beliefs and disagree with each other.

It builds a wonderful friendship between the two but still disagrees with one another and helps each other from forgiving from each others past and both find their purpose.

It’s like a beautiful love story you will have some really soothing moments and the conversations will have subtle humor which will be fun and thoughtful.

This movie will be more pleasing and fun to watch and you can get little life lessons and this movie is released in Spanish, Latin, Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese.

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