The irishman review cineflames

The Irishman is a movie inspired by Charles Brandt’s book “I heard you paint houses”. This movie is basically the story narration of Frank Sheeran a Buffalino mob family’s top Hitman.

This movie has a lot of American history and it’s connection to the mob. This film has a lot of Iconic characters in history like Frank Sheeran, Jimmy Hoffa, the Kennedy brothers, and Russel Buffalino. These Iconic Characters are played by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.

The movie has a storyline that lies between 5 decades which demands a long run time and you need a lot of patience for watching this movie and it will be draggy at times but there are a lot of things you can take away from this movie. It has everything that runs around a mob family has been touched a bit everywhere.

The Film has used De-aging due to different periods the characters need to be placed and this Storyline lies as to how a truck driver’s life has changed with his connection with two mob people. The assassination sequence was well made not much of a drama but a quick one. you will definitely love the scenes were actions speak there is a lot of such scenes in the movie from emotions to error. But the narration reminded me of his earlier movie “The wolf of wall street”.

If you could spend some time and overcome bit dragging you will really enjoy this movie it’s more like a fun documentary and we have to say, Martin Scorsese has done great work with this one.

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