Thala Ajith Kumar and team Daksha designed a drone to spray disinfectants

Thala ajith kumar - team dhaksha

Thala Ajith Kumar is not only famous for his acting in Kollywood but he is also famous for his philanthropic working numerous crisis situations.

In 2018 team Daksha won second place in the Australian Medical Express Challenge for “ UAV Challenge Outback rescue”. which was mentored by Thala Ajith Kumar.

The team reunited to contribute their part in ongoing corona pandemic so the team designed a drone that had the ability to carry 16 liters of disinfectants and cover 1 acre of land in 30 minutes.

In an interview with NDTV Dr. Karthik Narayanan CEO & Founder – Lit Skills Learning said that Thala Ajith Kumar came up with the idea of spraying disinfectants using drones across all the red zones especially in Tamil Nadu. A pilot was conducted in Chennai which was very successful and the same idea was passed to district collector Thiruneveli as the medium of spraying disinfectants.

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