Sara ali khan, is a blooming Bollywood star, she is the daughter of Saif ali khan and Amirta singh, known for Simmba and Kedarnath.

Her recent post on Instagram wishing her younger brother on his birthday, the pictures posted was heavily criticized in the comments.

The post contains sara in a swimsuit hugging her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan from the front and Ibrahim Ali Khan didn’t hold his sister anywhere he was just blindly standing.

In this scenario the swimwear was not an major issue. The problem aroused with the pose people commented that she was making her brother uncomfortable that he couldn’t even hold her.

The comments were also like she was a disgrace for Islam and she should change her religion and it was due to poor parenting these things occur and there were also people supported Sara Ali Khan.

One of the supporter mentioned that it was her baby brother and let her chill with her baby brother Ibrahim Ali Khan and another one was like why educated people act like illiterate.

One among the asked why does even girls badmouthing about this it’s her life and we shouldn’t be judging it was just a casual pic with her brother, these pics were assumed to be the pics from her vacation with her mother Amirta singh and brother Ibrahim Ali Khan shot in Maldeves.

The haters were furious and one even mentioned that those who support Sara Ali Khan should post similar pictures with thier brother.

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