Rana Daggubati lost 30kg for haathi meri saathi

kaadan movie - 1

Rana Daggubati is well known for his role as ballala deva in bahubali with a strong and bulk physique is now making a huge transformation to his physique for his upcoming movie

The film is expected to be released in three languages with 3 different titles kaadan in Tamil, Aranya in Telungu, Haathi meri saathi in Hindi is directed by prabhu solomon.


Humagorous physique is a big no for BANDEV so Rana has to lose weight for which he had worked to build it for over 5 year period of time should be lost in almost two months.

To bring the expected physique rana has to quit weight training for a while and continue with mild cardio’s he had change his overall diet he became vegetarian to achieve the lean physique.

The first looks has stunned everyone around the Internet which shows a different kind of Rana, as part in his role Rana has to train with elephants in Thailand for 15 days.

Rana also stated that “this film has helped him to breakout through his limits”. Which demands a totally different kind of character to be developed within him. Let’s wait and watch how this movie will turn out.

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