Thalaiva into the wild with Bear Grylls


It’s been a while since Discovery India is posting updates about Rajinikanth in the wild with British Crackerjack adventurer Bear Grylls. #ThalaivOnDiscovery is trending on twitter. The British adventurer’s show “Into the wild” has taken a lot of celebrities for adventure in the wild.

Rajinikanth is the second-biggest celebrity from India in the show after Narendra Modi. Discovery India has created a song “Vaanga into the wild ” and The channel is promoting this episode for a month and the episode will be released on March 23 on Discovery. There was a first look released for the episode and this is the first time Rajinikanth is gonna appear on a tv show.

Rajinikanth was seen riding an ATV in the show and they were seen riding in Mahendra Thar in the show, Rajinikanth was spotted walking in a river and climbing a hill in the sneak peek.

In the show, Bear Grylls mentioned he was fit and asked his age and after hearing he was 70 Bear mentioned he was an Inspiration. The Duo was seen waling over an old bridge, the show might be quiet fun to watch our favourite thalaiva in the wild.

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