Ponmagal Vandhal Jyothika

Ponmagal Vanthal is the first major film to be released on the OTT platform. This Courtroom drama is directed by JJ Fedrick which is his debut movie. Jyothika, the protagonist Portrays a debut lawyer “Venba”, who opens up a case of North Indian psychopath women “Jyothi” who killed numerous female kids. Venba fighting for justice tp Jyothi and her connection to Venba is the story of this film.

This film has two major messages one is child abuse and the other is fabrication of cases against Victims. The film doesn’t have major twists because there is a hint for everything earlier so it is predictable. The film relies upon the protagonist’s narration rather than a proper way of storytelling.

The courtroom scenes in the latter part of the movie felt too unrealistic which is completely Venba’s narration than arguing on both parties yes we have to agree that some moves of the opposing party were good but it lacks the essence of a courtroom.

The Closing statement of Venba is neither agreed nor disagreed by the opposing party it is just Venba’s version and the Judgement was based on that is a huge disappointment yet with this dialogue ” Udal reedhiya thunburuthapatta palapaer kitta unmaiya thavira endha saatchiyum irukkadhu” justifies it a bit yet that isn’t how court functions.

Overall it is a good film to watch, it didn’t grind the same things these types of movies usually do. A good film for a family audience but it is definitely not a critics cup of tea.

Comment us your opinion about the film, if you haven’t watched this film you can watch it on Amazon Prime.

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