These Quarantine days have Pushed a lot of Films to be streamed on OTT Platforms rather than theatres in that line we have a new movie “Penguin” to be released on Amazon Prime.

Ratsasan has given a hope for psycho thrillers in Kollywood. Penguin starring Keerthy Suresh has launched its teaser this afternoon. which was a really engaging teaser and gives us good hope to expect something best from this movie.

The scenes where we see worms have really hyped our expectation and at the end of the teaser, we see a person disguised as Charlie Chaplin which was absolutely stunning.

We still have a lot of questions to be answered who is Keerthy Suresh’s husband and why the antagonist kidnap or trying to Assault or even kill the kid.

We can clearly see that protagonist is broken in a few frames and how she is gonna overcome and save her kid is gonna be quiet fun to watch. She seems like a single mother and it’s gonna be thrilling what she is gonna do to rescue her kid.

This film is directed by Eshwar Karthick, we can expect something fresh. The film is produced by Karthick Suburaj and the background score is by Santhosh Narayanan.

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