Penguin is a mystery thriller directed by Eashvir Karthic starring Keerthy Suresh which was released on Amazon Prime on June, 19.

Keerthy Suresh plays “Rhythm” a pregnant woman trying to rescue her child from her first marriage who has been abducted by a mysterious man who disguises as Charlie Chaplin and finding the reasons behind is the story of Penguin.

The screen is fully captured by depressed Keerthy Suresh with his son been lost for years now. She refuses to accept that her son is dead and yet by miracle tends to find her boy on a random night when she visited the lake where she lost her boy.

Keerthy Suresh doesn’t seem like a pregnant woman except for the times when she falls down, she does things like regular women. We couldn’t find any intellectual behavior from the cops. I personally felt a simple search with Dog Squad would have solved the case years ahead.

Keerthy Suresh solves the mysteries of the movie and so does her dog Cyrus has a huge part in it and both the twists in the movie don’t have a huge impact rather felt silly because of the purposeless act of the antagonist.

The final twist of the film is total sabotage for the film you would have expected something stronger behind all this rather than a childish act but it’s still a one time watchable apart from the climax twist.

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