“NO TIME TO DIE” the upcoming James Bond film which sets every one on high expectations, this is the 25th film of the James Bond franchise. One of the most profitable franchise in the world and it’s also the last James Bond film for Daniel Craig who is one of the best James Bond the ever seen.

The iconic fictional character has ruled Hollywood for over 50 years now. We all expected spectre to be the last James Bond film for Daniel Craig but after lot of negotiations he was convinced to potray Mr. Bond for one last time.

The movie is filmed different in locations like Jamaica in the beginning of the film where James Bond was retired in the spectre from there he will save the world in from London, Italy, Norway and Scotland.

The director of the film Cary Joji Fukunaga mentioned in a interview he will explore James Bond’s emotional side and the director is well known for his thrills and drama in his movies and the most expected is the villan of the movie Rami Malik. He is expected to get under the skin of James Bond and mess with his head.

Rami Malik also mentioned his character won’t make life easy for Bond. The crew seems to be very serious about the movie due to the high expectations and this is the silver Jubilee of the franchise.

The movie has lot of interesting facts that our favourite spy isn’t 007 in this movie as he retired in spectre, Nomi potrayed by lashana lynch is the new 007 and without M on his side James Bond head is more vulnerable to mess with for safin, the villan.

There is no James Bond film without a Aston Martin the film will bring back the Aston Martin DB5 and he will also use Aston Martin Valhalla. Since Daniel Craig has turned 51 his stunt double will be the one performing most of the stunts, since the movie requires a lot of action sequences.

We have to admit Daniel Craig’s James Bond was the one which potrayed the character with more of a mortal characteristics he is desperate to win. He is a hot head and he is sick of his life. These struggles make him more unique and interesting than the characters potrayed by other actors. It’s quite a sad to see it all ends. But we still have our best hope in “NO TIME TO DIE”

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