Nishabdham, what you need to know about Anushka’s thriller


Anushka Shetty, the Bahubali actress is known for her dedication when it comes to acting and she is so picky about her roles, she loves challenging characters. So what are the challenges she had to face when it comes to Nishadham. Anushka plays a mute artist in the film, so she started learning sign language and painting for 6 months, she would train herself every day for the character with trainers instructing her in the set, reports from the director.

The film is shot in Seattle, US. As per the trailer, the story might be a mute artist Sakshi and a blind musician in love, the couples went for a vacation to Seattle, US. Strange things started to occur and soon the holiday is turned to be a horrific experience. The shooting is wrapped up and the post-production work is going on. The film is to hit the big screens on April,2.

The cast is quite big for this movie, the crew bought in Michael Madsen, who is famous for kill bill and Reservoir dogs, he will be the antagonist in the film. Anjali, Shalini Pandey, and subbaraju are also playing prominent roles in the film. There is also one more key element in the movie Anushka Shetty is expected to perform stunts in the movie.

The film is directed by Hemant Madhukar and the production is by people media factory and kona film corporation. The producer and writer Kona Venkat mentioned this story was written for another leading star, a sudden encounter of Anushka Shetty on his flight from Mumbai let them discuss the movie and Anushka was ready to sign the contract within a week. The cinematography was done by Shaneil Deo.

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