The most awaited Vijay’s Master audio launch was held at Hotel Leela palace due to the corona threats the production company Xavier Britto decided to make the launch much simpler than his other movies but it was still grand enough to promote the Movie.

Vijay got blessings from his parents at the beginning of the launch where his dad mentioned that “I am so happy to be here. In fact, I am out of words to describe how I feel right now. All of you in the launch are like my family” and Vijay’s Mom just asked for a hug from her son.

Simran made a special dance appearance for Vijay and later mentioned Vijay was her best Co-star and it’s been 21 years of their “Thulladha Manamum Thullum”. Later Vijay mentioned he was touched by her dance for him.

Vijay who came in a suit this time for the launch than his usual casual look said that his stylist wants him to look different so why not dress like his friend Ajith.

Vijay apologized to his fans for the restriction due to the virus threat the launch wasn’t big and he mentioned to his fans ” You all are vera level ” for the support he receives from his fan. Vijay cheered his fans with a dance accompanied by Anirudh the Music director of the film and the star of the show and Shanthanu Bhagyaraj who is a Co-Star.

Vijay on Vijay Sethupathi “I don’t know why he accepted this movie. I even asked him and he said he liked me. Then I realized that he has a special place for me in his heart”. Vijay on Lokesh Kanagaraj, his Script was so complicated. Nobody has Scene paper in their hands, at the day to I even thought of quitting the project, I almost became very angry and tensed, he chuckled. He also added that Lokesh is an example of doing hard work and smart work together.

It was time for a Kutty Story for his fans. The story commenced with one of his songs and he stated that “Ellam pugazhum oruvan oruvanke, nee nadhi pola odi kondu iru”. We should be like a river. We come across different people on the way who throw flowers on the way, the river keeps going. At the same time, we encounter people who hate us and throw a stone on us, but keep on going like the river”.

It was time for Makkal selvan to be on the stage. He said Vijay is a wonderful human being. and he also stated that his father was his Maser in life, the impact his father has over his life was huge and he also mentioned that Cinema is a Huge art and there is always something to learn from everyone, and everyone he meets is his master.

He has another point to add that why people fight over religion there is no man who can protect Almighty, such a man doesn’t exist. asked everyone to believe in Humanity and spread brotherhoods.

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