Ponmagal vanthal starring Jyothika seems to be a crime thriller, where Jyothika plays as a lawyer. the second single from the movie “vaan thooralgal” was released today, the song seems to be sharing the affection of a mother to her daughter.

The first single of the movie “vaa chellamae” also potrays the birth of a female child and expressing the happiness of the mom, it is revealed in the line” Vaa chellam en vaazhka Parisaa thandha poovae Thaayaaga enna petha Thaayae vaadi “

we have made some predictions about this movie with the information we collected from the first look and two single tracks. As we mentioned earlier Jyothika plays a Lawyer in the film is also seems to be a single mom, who lives alone with her daughter in a hill station.

This line reveals Jyothika is depressed of loneliness ” Panikatti kannakkatti Nee dhaan sogam marakka vacha” and her only happiness is her daughter. In one shot in the song, Jyothika riding a cruiser to reveal her bold character and she also seems to be a social activist teaching kids about good touch and bad touch.

Even though all these been said about an affectionate mother the film poster also reveals some hidden information in newspaper clippings from there film takes it to a different genre, the words like “Veetin pin purathil kulanthai sadalam meetpu” and “kulanthayai kandupidika elliyil kadum sodhanai” reveals the crime-thriller a name “Suresh pandian” was rounded in the poster. there is also a suspicion of whether there would be a threat to Jyothika’s daughter in the film.

A hint about the film’s location was found in the newspaper clips “Kolaigaariyai kandupidika kerla ellayil sothanai” from this the film is expected to be shot on borders of Kerala since there were no Malayalam newspaper clippings, this should be Tamil Nadu.

I hope all the questions we have will be answered by the director JJ Fedrick, the Production company is Surya’s 2d entertainments and Cinematography is done by Ramji.

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