Jayam Ravi’s 25 Bhoomi agro political drama


Jayam Ravi’s 25 Bhoomi’s teaser is out and gives us an idea about what to expect from the movie. The thing is a lot of Kollywood films had used agriculture as a base and spoiled the concept, in spite of all that Jayam Ravi’s Bhoomi gives us hope that there will be something fresh in the movie with its teaser.

The trailer shows that the protagonist is a well-educated and man with potentials as he was making a presentation at NASA and some elements in the trailer reveal that he is patriotic and wishes to serve his nation through agriculture. unlike other agro-based films, Bhoomi has some interesting factors such as using drones in the field for some geological survey and the protagonist could also be seen in a quest receiving mud in a pot from Indigenous people in a valley.

Even with all that Bhoomi will also have some regular grinds like a protest and will have some intuition by politicians (might be Radha Ravi) and businessman (might be Ronnit Roy) but without that the movie would be totally unrealistic. The protagonist also seen bleeding in the trailer and fighting with local thugs and kicking a man who had insecticide at his back.

There were a lot of shots hard to decode people will be burning a huge pile of boxes and throwing more in the flame and the protagonist had an expression that portrays accomplishing something in extreme rage, I don’t think that was fertilizers.

The crew’s cast selection is good with Jayam Ravi pairs up with Nidhhi Agerwal in lead roles, Thambi Ramaiah and Saranya Ponvanan in supporting roles, Radha Ravi’s and Ronnit Roy are expected to play the negative role.

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