Extraction fully packed with action.


Extraction is a fully packed action movie streaming on Netflix from April,24. Chris Hemsworth as the protagonist plays Tyler Rake.

The story starts with a Mumbai based prisoned drug lord’s kid is been captured by a Dhaka drug lord. To retrieve the kid an Australian Mercenary is hired. In the rescue operation, the protagonist found to be foul played yet proceeds with the Rescue operation.

The major issue with the movie was it focused highly on the action part which had a huge lag in the characters placing. Both drug lords weren’t placed well.

The screen is fully captured by Tyler Rake, Ovi Mahajan, and Saju apart from these Farhad a teen thug had a good characterization in the movie.

The movie delivered well with the violence, the protagonist keeps on kicking some thugs and shooting the cops and the character Saju who also extremely violent through the movie. The stunt scenes were extreme Some even felt like a first-person shooting game.

We will miss the fact that there could have been some smart moves in saving the boy they just went with brute force which will be usually played in a rescue operation That’s where we felt a lot of missing flavors.

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