Bulbbul movie review: A supernatural feminist tale

Bulbbul - cineflames

Bulbbul is a Netflix original released on 24th June. Screenplay writer Anvita Dutt Guptan debuted as a director with this film. The film speaks about the physical and emotional struggles of Indian women. This is a historical film lie in the British colonized India.

A child “Bulbbul” is married to a much elder man from a Bengali royal family. where she has her only friend which is her brother in law similar to her age. he went to study law in London after 5 years he came back to his village to see his sister in law and started noticing mysterious happening in the village and trying to find the reason and the person is the rest of the story.

The director did a good job with narration the film has some silent sequences which beautifully portrays the story credits to the cinematographer dark shadowing the life and red shades at the supernatural events wonderful visuals.

Apart from that acting was so good by all the leads especially Tripti Dimri her expressing herself in each stage of life from an innocent girl to becoming a woman with a painful past even though you can clearly see what’s coming next it’s beautiful to watch how it’s made.

The movie will thrill you and keep you focused for the entire hour and a half but still, it’s only a one time watchable.

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