Bronson – Violent make me mad and strong

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Bronson is a 2008 movie which is a semi biopic of British’s most violent inmate Charles Bronson Starring Tom Hardy directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Charles Bronson is the most violent man in England. He was an arrogant man from his teenage known for assaulting fellow classmates and teachers, he also joined small gangs and committed petty crimes.

He was first sent to prison for armed robbery in a post office for seven years but it kept extending because of frequent attacks on prisoners and guards.

He spent most of his time in solitary and psychiatric hospitals for his violent nature. He was later given a chance to express his views through art and won awards for it.

Despite all this, his assault on anyone he meets and taking several people as a hostage has given him lifetime imprisonment.

The movie has plenty of sequences that really connects his violent and artistic nature. One dialogue which simply says the man “violent makes me mad and strong”.

This film explores the violent nature of Michael Peterson, he doesn’t have any reason to be violent but it is his nature. some of the horrible experience of prison and psychiatric hospitals, but that doesn’t affect him, he enjoys the way it is.

Sometimes we might feel it is where he belongs to prison, it is his home. watch this film and comment on your opinions.

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