Beasts of no Nation – why should you watch it???

Beasts of no nation

“Beasts of no nation” is a 2015 American-Ghanain war drama Directed and co-produced by Cary Joji Fukanaga Who is also the director of the upcoming James Bond Movie “No Time To Die”. This film was inspired by 2005 Novel which shares the same name “Beasts of no nation” written by Nigerian-American Uzodinma Iweala.

The story is the life of a young boy named “Agu” born in a decent spiritual Western African family who’s father is a teacher and chief of the village who provides shelter for refugees due to the war in his land. Things Change when the rebels advance their territory. His mom was sent to a safer place by UN peacemakers. His brother and father were killed by soldiers.

The boy escapes to the jungle and caught by a rebel battalion(NDF) and forced to join them as a child soldier the child in him was broken by hard training but things get ugly when he was given a machete and ordered to kill an Engineer who was there to build bridges.

His spiritual and childhood was slowly broken from him, They raid various villages his commandant had a special interest in Agu abuses him in private and the rest of the story is how he escapes from and try to live a normal life.

One of the heartbreaking moments in the film was he carries his wounded friend even though he was tired and feasible yet he died, in spite of all that he needs a warm sleep which he couldn’t get.

Some of the dialogues from the film I personally felt a child should never feel that but as it’s said by ago he is not a boy, He is an old man. Pretty strong dialogues in the movie.

Watch the film and tell us about your opinion and you can watch this film on Netflix.

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