Asuraguru is it worth a watch???


Asuraguru is tamil film starring Vikram prabhu and Mahima Nambiar in the lead roles, this movie is claimed to be Heist – thriller. The story features the protagonist executing series of heists, the heroine is a private detective who is hired to track down a robbery done by Vikram prabhu earlier in the movie.

Jegan who played as a cop in the movie gives information for the heist and subbaraju is a cop who is specially appointed by the commissioner to track down the people behind the heist. The movie has not worked much with actual requirements of a Heist movie.

There is a huge lack in people’s interest when it comes to a Heist movies. The usual story of Heist films or properly planned months ago and with a good number of skilled crew members. Each member of crew with a specialised skill, but not Asuraguru it runs a one man show for all the hesit with no specialised skills and he is good with gadgets.

One man show is no good for a Heist movie, and there is not much of details in how he is executing the Heists which spoils the thrills present in the Heist movie. We don’t even get much of a intelligence support required for the movie from hot Mahima Nambiar and subbaraju.

There is a lot of lagging in the screenplay, the director and his team should have put more effort in planning and casted few more as crew for the Heist with some specialised abilities. The modern times have been demanding more from the films to be watchable but lacking in the basic necessities of the genre have made the movies to its worst.

This isn’t the fiest heist movie in tamil, the films like Naanayam has made a decent mark and the film had thier story properly planned out execution was good. If the movie had primarily focused on one Heist in Asuraguru and worked the heist with a proper crew and planning and execution were carried out properly, the film could be much more watchable.

The comedy scenes of yogi babu doesn’t fit in and it was not much fun to watch either and love scenes were also not so good, fight sequences were good but it was like a unnecessary spice in the food.

I tried my best not to give any spoilers, Let me know what you think about the film and opinions about my review can be dropped down in the comments.

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