6 undergrounds netflix

6 Underground is a 2019 action thriller directed by Michael Bay Starring Ryan Reynolds who plays a Billionaire faked his death along with 5 more people joining him to save the world which the government doesn’t care about.

The movie is filled with action sequences and the movie felt like a rush when it comes to the story but they drag the scenes with action sequences everyone has their own role in the mission. The team is lead by Ryan Reynolds who is also taking care of the tech-related stuff.

Their primary gunman or we can say gunwomen in this scenario is an ex-CIA agent and we have her boyfriend who is the secondary gunman of the team support. We have parkour who breaches the security unnoticed as possible.

We do have a doctor who heals people on the mission and works as a diversion or watchdog at times depends on the mission and of course, the newcomer a sniper who brings the soul back to the team and makes them realize they aren’t dead yet.

They take a deadly mission on forming a coup against the current monarch of Turkestan by taking down him to stop the cruel rule of the monarchy.

The story is simple and short they focused a lot on the action sequences and things are messy. we couldn’t feel that they were taking down a monarch just a another bad guy or some kind of low key mob boss. who didn’t have much backup.

If you had watched the movie on Netflix tell us your opinion about the movie.

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