Love is an ill-defined emotion and 5 to 7 portrays one kind. The Movie Starring Anton Yelchin and Bernice Marlohe directed by Victor Levin. Most Importantly the soothing music was by Daniel Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans

The movie beautifully characterizes amour love. Besides all the unethical things in the movie, the love was so good between Brian and Arielle. Brian is trying to be a writer, one day takes a walk in his neighborhood sees a beautiful French woman and starts a conversation with her both felt some spark.

These two meets a couple of time and Brian finds out Arielle was married and has two kids. she could make out with him on weekdays from 5 to 7. Brian was a bit awkward with that and refuses at first but decides to pursue her later.

The love between them was beautiful, not too dramatized and not too real. Arielle’s family was so welcoming Brian they were okay with the relationship, in fact, Arielle’s husband also had a girlfriend. Arielle and her husband don’t have much love, whereas with Brian she felt more love and alive.

To avoid breaking any more spoilers, I am letting you find out how this Elegant love story ended. Despite everything, this movie would stay close to your heart for a while. The Background score was so good. The storytelling through park benches was classic. Watch the movie and leave a comment below about your opinions.

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